Hi, I’m Joy.

user experience / design strategy / visual communication


Hi there,

I design for the end user.

I am a UX Designer based in Los Angeles. Currently I work at Philosophie in Venice Beach, where I bring my user-centered design process to a variety of products ranging from large-scale e-commerce platforms to lightweight web applications. I also teaches part-time at Art Center College of Design on Visual Interactive Design.

In 2010 I graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design with a focus in Packaging Design and Interactive Design. After graduation, I became the lead designer at a start-up and designed native mobile applications for aspiring musicians. It was the golden ticket to the tech world and I fell in love working with the fast-paced tech world and high-emphasis on team collaboration. Then it dawned on me… the difference between designing on three-dimensional canvas and on flat-screen devices is not that different, they are the same when it comes to user experience—how do users interact with it?

I don’t think User Experience is a new industry invented when iPod was introduced to the world, it has always existed in products that people touch everyday. I enjoy designing and solving problems with the users in mind, thinking and imaging the what-ifs. If I have a take-over-the-world goal, I would redesign all the CMS and/or internal tools and make them less ugly, more enjoyable. It’s not an extravagant goal, but hey! somebody’s gotta do it!

In my free time, I travel to foreign places, entertain my cats, and binge on movies. I like cars too, they are pretty.


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Currently employed at:

Senior UX Designer, Philosophie

April 2012 — Now

Strategy and execution of large-scale projects that focus on a user-centric design approach. Create and maintain wireframes, site maps, user stories, and flow diagrams to guide agile development across various platforms. Conception and creation of design solutions that address both primary user goals and business goals of diverse clientele.

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Most recent event:

Balanced Team LA Salon Event Host

August 20, 2014 @ Fandango, Santa Monica

Instead of sitting down and listening to a few presentations, we have designed an activity for every attendee to participate in discussions and generate ideas together. Come prepared because it will be filled with plenty of conversations from people in the community sharing ideas, socializing, and offering insights from their own experience.

If you’re interested in Lean Startup, Agile, Lean, Agile UX, Lean UX, DevOps, Customer Development—and anything else that values multidisciplinary collaboration and iterative delivery of value—you’ll find this of interest.

To ensure the quality of the activity, this event is capped at 30 attendees. It is free and first come, first serve. Please RSVP and feel free to invite new folks to come along. We know that our diversity always makes the conversation more fun!

Our event hosts will be Joy Liu of philosophie and Chris Chandler of Fandango. Many, many thanks to our wonderful sponsor, Fandango, for providing food, drinks, and materials!

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I am currently not available for freelance projects.
You can say hi via Twitter or email joy@joy-liu.com.

NOTE: I will not respond to any recruiter inquiry, sorry!