Hi, I’m Joy.

user experience / design strategy / visual communication



I design for the end user.

I am a UX Designer based in Sunnyvale. I work at Samsung currently as Senior UX Designer at Product Innovation Team.

In 2010 I graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design with a focus in Packaging Design and Interactive Design. After graduation, I became the lead designer at a start-up and designed native mobile applications for aspiring musicians. It was the golden ticket to the tech world and I fell in love working with the fast-paced tech world and high-emphasis on team collaboration. Then it dawned on me… the difference between designing on three-dimensional canvas and on flat-screen devices is not that different, they are the same when it comes to user experience—how do users interact with it?

I don’t think User Experience is a new industry invented when iPod was introduced to the world, it has always existed in products that people touch everyday. I enjoy designing and solving problems with the users in mind, thinking and imaging the what-ifs. If I have a take-over-the-world goal, I would redesign all the CMS and/or internal tools and make them less ugly, more enjoyable. It’s not an extravagant goal, but hey! somebody’s gotta do it!

In my free time, I travel to foreign places, entertain my cats, and binge on movies. I like cars too, they are pretty.




Currently working at:

Senior UX Designer, Samsung Product Innovation Team

April 2015 — Now

As a part of the Design & Execution team at PIT, I help Samsung’s business units develop, validate, and execute new product concepts.

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Recent event:

CreativeLive – Becoming a UX Designer

February 5, 2015 @ CreativeLive, online

Learn the basics of User Experience Design with design practitioner and educator, Joy Liu in Become a UX Designer.

Through hands-on activities and real world examples Joy will teach the vocabulary and concepts you need to know to get started in a career in UX. You’ll learn about:

The role empathy plays in designing for users
Techniques for storyboarding the user journey
Sustainable layouts & compositions
The software and tools required for the job
You’ll learn how to evaluate design from a UX perspective and how to map the user’s journey and product flow. You’ll build new skills for examining the structure, hierarchy, consistency, and focus of websites.

If you want to launch a career in UX, this course will get you started.

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I am currently not available for freelance projects.
You can say hi via Twitter or email joy [at] joy-liu.com.

NOTE: I will not respond to any recruiter inquiry, sorry!